Desktop Publishing services involve taking your existing English electronic files, in DTP programs such as InDesign®, Quark®, Illustrator®, etc. and replacing the English text with the foreign language text in such a manner that layout is maintained. Lingua Pros can then provide the resulting foreign language material in a format consistent with your needs (e.g. electronic, camera-ready, hard copy, etc.).


We have the industry-standard and internally developed tools, human talent, and experience to get any project successfully completed on schedule, within budget, and with the quality you and your customers require. If you have multilingual desktop-publishing needs in InDesign®, Quark®, Illustrator® or any other application, please consider Lingua Pros first—as we would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.


We match our native-speaking graphic artists and DTP specialists with their target language (i.e. a Chinese DTP specialist works only on Chinese projects) so the page layout appears as if it were created within the target country. But our rigorous quality control doesn't stop there. Our language managers check every page before it leaves our office to ensure the very highest level of quality assurance. 


However, just incorporating text and graphics onto a page is not enough. We speak your language, so Lingua Pros can adjust your kerning and leading, anti-alias your fonts for on-screen graphics, change your image hue or saturation and even knock out your body text. 

You've invested a lot of time and effort to ensure your source documents look their best. Partner with an expert in multilingual desktop publishing who will invest an equal amount of time and effort to make certain your multilingual documents match or exceed the quality of the originals.